About Hudson Steel Co

I began Hudson Steel in 2007 to serve my clients at Fitness Showrooms with the lowest pricing on quality strength products.

I needed quality weight plates, kettlebells, dumbbells, bars, benches, racks, flooring and cable systems in plentiful supply ….and I needed a very big warehouse/ distribution center!

I source from over 7 factories to produce Hudson Steel!

If you do not buy strength products in massive quantities then you cannot give the lowest prices! To maximize freight costs on containers for inbound shipping fees, warehousing and re-distribution costs we had to grow with enough scale to serve the East Coast and now beginning to have national demand!

It is 2020, a new decade for our website, family of direct showrooms through the East Coast as well as select retail partners which I firmly endorse you to visit and support. This is my life’s work.

Please continue to support your local business with Hudson Steel and we are always interested to hear your feedback! I can be reached by email anytime where I personally will read and reply to all of your requests!

Thank you for considering Hudson Steel, proudly designed in New York.

Fabio Ravasi,
Founder, Owner, President of Fitness Showrooms since 1992 and Hudson Steel since 2007

Manhattan Gym at Hudson Steel Co