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The Grand Central Multi-Station is a fitness revolution designed to provide a comprehensive workout in one compact package. This modular marvel offers multiple exercise stations, saving valuable floor space while accommodating up to four users simultaneously, making it ideal for any commercial or residential use.

Special Features:

  • Customizable Configuration Grand Central allows you to choose between a three-station or four-station setup. The leg press & hack squat station is optional, giving you the flexibility to tailor this fitness hub to your specific needs.
  • Compact Design Its modular design conserves space without compromising on functionality, making it perfect for settings with limited room. User-Friendly Exercise Chart: An exercise chart provides clear guidance on proper from and details for each station.
  • Enhanced Safety Comes equipped with 200lb weight stacks and full-length steel weight shrouds for user safety.
  • Standard 200lb Weight Stack Each station features a standard 200lb weight stack.

Special Features:

Compact modular design offers multiple exercise stations and requires less floor space. Allowing up to four exercisers at once, it is perfect for group training. Clear exercise chart showing proper form and exercises on each station. Standard with 200lbs weight stacks and full length protective steel weight shrouds on each station. Standard 200lbs weight stack.

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