Assisted Chin Up / Dip Station

This station is equipped with a pull-up bar, dip bars, and a knee raise station, and can also be used with counterweights for assisted exercise movements. It primarily targets muscles such as the trapezius, deltoids, pectorals, latissimus dorsi, biceps, rectus abdominis, and obliques.


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Weight Assisted Chin/Dip Station offers any user an effective total upper body workout. For complete safety of the user the weight stack of the Weight Assisted Chin/Dip Exercise Machine is covered with a steel shroud. Hudson's Weight Assisted Chin/Dip Station gives the trainer a variety of exercises to choose from. A user can do dips for both the triceps and chest muscles, chin ups for the bicep muscles, and pullups for both the bicep and forearm muscles, all while being assisted by an appropriate weight for the beginner to most advanced trainer. Hudson's Weight Assisted Chin/Dip Station features precision bearings for a smooth weight assisted workout, and handles for stability. Hudson's Weight Assisted Chin/Dip Station is built to last, even under the most strenuous workout routines. Hudson's Weight Assisted Chin/Dip Station features a durable rugged steel frame that is built to last over an extended period of time of intense usage. This exercise machine is built with a 200 lb. selectorized weight stack for the beginner to the most advanced trainer. The ultra smooth rod system that was made and tested by our Hudson Edge Team, ensures rust resistance and a seamless motion during your workout.

Excellent source for a full upper body workout.

Hudson proven dynamics that provide an ultra smooth rod system to ensure a great impact workout.


74" D x 48.1" W x 84.7" H


Lifetime- Frame
5 years- Parts
1 year- Wear Items


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Residential Warranty

Our Residential Warranty applies to equipment used in a home setting and where the equipment will be used by home occupants only.

BODY/FRAME Lifetime Warranty for the lifetime of the product and applies to defects from manufacturer only.

STRUCTURAL MOVING PARTS 5 Years. Applies to defects from manufacturer only.

CABLES, UPHOLSTERY, AND ACCESSORIES 5 Years. Applies to defects from manufacturer only.

Light Commercial Warranty

Our Commercial Warranty applies to facilities that do not charge monthly membership dues and/or where the equipment would not be used by more than 50 people per day.




CABLES, UPHOLSTERY, AND ACCESSORIES 1 Year. Applies to defects from manufacturer only.