About Hudson Steel Co.

Thank you for considering Hudson Steel products, proudly designed in New York. This is my life’s work and it is a tremendous honor to serve you.

I began Hudson Steel in 2007 to serve my clients at Fitness Showrooms with the highest quality strength products that I could source. I had been operating my own stores since 1992 selling all major brands yet I wanted to offer my clients more innovative options of the absolute highest quality. I source from over 7 factories worldwide to achieve my desired variety in the collection and have the highest standards of quality and workmanship.

To buy strength products in massive quantities you need a lot of space-you never have enough space actually… I acquired my first warehouse complex in 2008 which we still operate today. I believe in owning the real estate to keep costs as low as we can for customers, and I own several buildings occupied by Fitness Showrooms. Retailers who contract out warehousing and distribution to 3rd parties are seldom successful. I grow territories with dealer partners, small businesses, owner-operators who showcase and service Hudson Steel products at their stores. I do not sell to dealers who drop ship to your curb from a website- We deliver, install and service what we sell. Hudson steel strives to make you part of our family through service and satisfaction.

Hudson Steel is now experiencing great demand with national recognition and currently has over 50 selling dealers in the USA market expanding our Northeast and Mid-Atlantic footprint to New England, Southeast and West Coast. I proudly recommend buying from our dealers as they embody my values in showcasing and serving their clients with outstanding quality and workmanship. My dealers are regional market experts who will appreciate your business and care for your needs.

In 2020 we added another distribution center to our portfolio of properties – we needed the space for our growing line of Super Gyms adding 45,000 square feet with our pastoral Hudson Valley 6-acre complex- It has been a great environment for our staff. if you are ever in the POUGHKEEPSIE NY area, please email us for a corporate tour, if I am available it would be my honor to be your tour guide.

I can be reached by email anytime where I personally will read and reply to all of your requests & questions! info@hudsonsteelco.com


 Fabio Ravasi

Also Founder, Owner, President of Fitness Showrooms since 1992
info@hudsonsteel.com | fravasi@fitnessshowrooms.com

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